Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Best Grade of All Time

While recently waiting in line at my local Sunoco gas station, I couldn’t help but notice the man in front of me dealing with the cashier. As he handed over his $4.67 to purchase a gallon of milk and some gum, a beam of reflected light darted before my eyes. Its source: a sizable emerald ring with the phrase "Class of '78, One for the Ages" inscribed along the upper brass border. Taking heart to the words rather than the tough gemstone, I started thinking... was this man's class really one for the ages, or was that just the best tag line their grade could think of to describe their four year tenure? As I pondered this question moving up in line, I started to think about my own class. Yet no questioning was done with it, for mine certainly fit the slogan.
First let's start with academics; after all that is the whole point of coming to school you know, to get an education? Now most grades are smart, but we're not like most grades. Setting the record for highest number of kids eligible, GPA wise, to apply to the National Honors Society, our class packs a punch in the classroom. With nearly half the students in our entire grade taking at least one AP class, close to a dozen scoring over 2000 on their SAT, and almost our entire class set to further pursue our education at the collegiate level, I don't think much more needs to be said... the class of 2016 is experienced at hitting the books.
Next on the list are extracurricular activities, with athletics at the forefront. Both individually and in regard to the teams themselves, we have quite the resume to say the least. Whether it's holding the state record in the 200-meter dash, being recruited by the Jim Harbaugh, scoring 1,000 points by junior season, or producing numerous college-bound athletes; individually, you can't ask for much more. As for team sports, I'll put it this way... we have ten boys varsity sports teams offered at our high school; seven of them have legitimate chances to win state titles this year. Think about that for a second. But it doesn't stop there. We also have a nationally ranked quiz bowl team, band, and second-to-none drama department. Whether it’s running on the track, marching on the field, or acting on the stage; we have it all.
Lastly comes the topic of legacy. When talking about things will have left behind for this school, its tough to know where to start. By reinvigorating our school student section, we have significantly increased the attendance to many of our school sporting events. Student activity levels have also increased greatly due to the numerous creations of new school clubs. Yet, most importantly, we have instilled a mindset to our underclassmen. Before, rowdiness and lack of effort were applauded amongst the masses. Now, school sprit, enthusiasm, respect, effort, and intelligence are rewarded. While still keeping things entertaining and comical in different ways that the past, our class has truly done things right.
            After reflecting upon all our accomplishments, I further support my instinctual assumption at the Sunoco that our class is worthy of being deemed “one for the ages”. With each and every student having something to offer in our grade, it is hard not to appreciate us. With that said, hopefully decades from now some kid will spot me out somewhere flaunting my class reputation, only with the slogan “Class of 2016, You’re Welcome” carved into the border instead.


  1. Adam, I think you did a fantastic job here summarizing to the whole student body why we are so distinct as a graduating class. I agree that we are a special class of students, inside and outside of the classroom. However, Jones, it’s important to recognize where these opportunities came from, and to also respect them. Camp Hill is a clean-cut town full of many financially stable parents who can provide for their children. They worked hard as kids too, which is why they are able to provide us with opportunities in life now. I think it’s incredibly important to appreciate these sacrifices that our parents make for us so that we can someday be good parents like them, or just good people. Nothing in life comes for free, and everything we do from here on out as strong, mature individuals will reflect the Camp Hill image of success. This town may not be the most entertaining place to live in sometimes, but we’ve got character, and that will help us for the rest of our lives no matter what we do. I, as well, will be proud to graduate from such a unique highschool like Camp Hill.

  2. Along with Mr. Haywood, you did an outstanding job boasting about the class of 2016- the most prestigious class to come through this school and the best thing that has happened to it in awhile. I know as a part of the class we are all homers and biased but I do truly believe and agree on everything you list and some. Earlier in the week, you were imploring me to go to this URL and I was sure glad I did. The introduction was perfect in how you brought in a scene of the bystander at Sunoco with his class ring on it. Going off of that, we don't even need a class ring to distinguish our place in this school's history. Examples of academics plus athletics would be peers such as Andy Snyder- The dude is literally the fastest high schooler in the state and has set records that indeed will not be broken; Yesterday, in fact Andy had announced his commitment to Cornell University... an Ivy League school... to run track and field. 'Nuff said. Go get this District gold in soccer and add to our already impressive class résumé!

  3. Adam, I strongly agree with most points you make. Looking at the classes around us, it seems like we have superiority in things like sport and academics. Specifically, our boy’s sports are on the rise this year, and hopefully we bring a district championship home in each one of them. I don’t mean to sound pretentious, but I think we have a good shot at doing just that. Also, I know people who are top of the class at their school, but their grades would be no match in a grade/school like ours. Other than our school, I believe our town as a whole has a one-up on places around us. Everything is so close-knit, everyone knows each other, and with a number of parks to hang out at, our town is a great place to live. But, I’m going to have to disagree with you on the point you made about our student section. I think this year, our student section has been worse than other years. No one participates, and most leave after halftime. Other than that, I believe you were spot on with our legacy as a class.

  4. I think everyone has a sense of pride and is biased towards their class, but I also think that we have a substantial amount of statistics to support this extraordinary claim. To make another addition to recent athletic achievement like Mark said about Andy, another one of our peers made a stamp in Camp Hill history. Adam was named to the All-State soccer team today, a fantastic achievement on which I applaud you on, Jones. I’ve played with you all throughout high school, and you truly deserve the recognition. As an entire soccer team, we’ve been the class to restore the glory to Camp Hill soccer by winning the Mid Penn Capital Division for the first time since 2009. Alongside our entire class, we keep building our resume, both academically and athletically, to being the best class to come through Camp Hill ever.

  5. Adam,
    I respect this post as someone finally had the clackers to sum up just how great Camp Hill's class of 2016 really is. "You're Welcome" actually would be a suitable class slogan as it resembles how much we have done and positively impacted Camp Hill School District forever. Our legacy will alter the way younger grades play sports as they will try to replicate greatness, but ultimately fail (not live up to the platform we created). Our senior athletes are unparalleled in Camp Hill's history with multiple Division 1 prospects and sports teams in every season that have the ability to win State championships. Also, let's not forget about our classroom achievements as we have a potential dozen kids that have the accolades to be Ivy League bound. No doubt in my mind that the prestigious class of 2016 will go down in the record books.

  6. Adam, I know for a fact that this isn’t the first time I’ve heard you or anybody say this about our grade, and I would have to agree with you, our grade is truly special in more ways than one. For a long time I have known this to be true. There isn’t many schools where I can have a 92 GPA and be in the 20-30% of my class. We really do have it all and I think that what you said really brings light to all of our many talents and abilities as a class. Our class covers the spectrum from academics to athletics to theater and music, we don’t have many weaknesses. And while many others looking in may call us “try hards” or “over achievers” that isn’t really the case. Yes, we do go above and beyond with testing and AP classes but that is only because we are a grade that has always tested ourselves, pushing the limits and thus becoming more successful as a grade than most grades that have come before us. I’m truly blessed to have walked alongside these 90 or so students on a daily basis over the last 12 years and I feel the slogan “You’re Welcome” truly fits. We are leaving behind a pretty good legacy if I do say so myself.

  7. Adam,
    I would like to say that I agree with you about the prospective legacy our class would leave. To me, as important as what our class has accomplished, I believe it's more about progress. It's no longer "Hayes with the interception" or "Boys soccer loses to Trinity 10-0", it's "Shuster with the touchdown" and "Boys soccer wins the division". To get to such a point is as much testament to how we have grown as a class as to the environment we have had the opportunity to flourish in. Band and theater have always been dominant, and even if they are currently struggling under new management, they contribute to an environment of success not based around pure athletic achievement. Our well roundness in the class room, on the field, and on the stage is because of the teachers and parents and all those others that have helped us become the class to remember.